Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It works! But now I can't sign in from my lappy meih what is the damnn password? Anyway ThOR was THORIFIC! Love it :) ahhh Loki
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Hey! What's my password!?

I have to really stop loosing my passwords! Ok test blog does this work?!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

whore - a - wheen

Glambertpire and Devila

Death is rather beautifull

wanna go for a ride?

the sassy the weird n the glam

Saturday, October 16, 2010

4 mnths and counting..

So its the 16th of October , 4 months wedding anniversary :) kinda feels like forever! Yeah I knw cliche heard it done it kinda thing but really. I've settled well in my married life and it feels really good. everything is perfectly normal with all the 4 legged babies running around. My family is complete. I'm already imagining the white picket fences scenario and me all GLAMED up in the kitchen or on the kitchen bar ;). Awhh schuks. hehe I have no regrets in what I've gotten myself into here :) happy anniversary hubby . My life's complete..

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tag! Ur it. Hospital blues..

This coming thursday marks the second week after being discharged from the hospital. It was a rather painful experience due to the antibiotics that were given to me via drips via a fucking thick needle into my veins. And yes it still hurts whenever I bend my hand and the mark is still there. But I do remember the day of the surgery I was seemingly excited about the idea. I know weirdo right? I was scared but effingly curious of what came next. It was rather funny cause I got the whole operating theater laughing at my cover-the- freaking-out jokes. And the anesthesia doc was really nice. Hmph then again all I know is , " ok I'm gonna put it now ( sumthin laddat la). And all I rember was her saying " say ur prayers" and I was like ok. I felt ice cold fluids entering my veins and I was like " HEAVENLY FATHER! " And she was like "bismilah.." And zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hah! I knew nothing rembered nothing felt nothing! That anesthesia is some good shit for insomniac's like me. Best BEST sleep I ever had! No dreams no thoughts no stress nah nothing! Peacefull, calming awesomely blisfull till.. (Malay accent) " Freidaaaa ... Freeeiiidaaaaa... Surgery ovver yaaaaa we going to move you to ur bed yaaaa u ok? Fffrrreeiiidaaa..."
Me: mmmmmmmkkkkmmmmm
Thought: go awayyy more anesthesia...

Haihs! Great experience thou. First time in my life being in a hospital. Kinda fun. That hospital kinda feels like home. Darul Ehsan Specialist Medical Centre Shah Alam. I definitely would recommend it. I'm not sure if they label it a boutique hospital or anything but it has different type of rooms. I was booked for the standard but there were no rooms available at that time hence I was bumped up to executive for a day. Seriously first thought, "hospital? Or hotel?" With their awesomely mouth watering menu. I knw right? Hospital with awesome food. They even got room service! Oh and I totally forgot! I did a CT scan! Cooolness!! Now I totally know wht DR House was talking about ;) it is so cool as of what we can see on the scan!
Anywhoo cutting things short, I loved that hospital :) I felt safe. First baby? Should be there ;)

Good night love.


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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcoming a new family member..

And yes it started out with me and Vernon, creating a wonderful home with our baby shitzu chewiee.. Chewiee was the life of our home but we both had jobs that left Chewiee lonely at times hence came Modjo, the mini pincher. And our lifed were complete :)

But noooo we then had hamsters after hamsters which died. Sadly. And now I have Mr. Cookie, a teddy hamster and V has Bob and Ziggy. Some violet breed (expensive furballs!) Which means we already have 5 kids! ( Our pets are family incase your wondering) 5!! And there all 4 legged, not counting yet the 2 legged ones that should be coming soon haha in 2 years time that is.

So yeah, 5 kids and now as we speak, V is setting up this 90 over bucks cage for our latest addition ..*drum roll* the SUGAR GLIDER! Haha! She does not have a name yet but either way, V's very excited haha! His setting up the cage looking like a proud dad setting up a crib :)

Oh well all I can say is Sugar Glider, welcome to The Francis Family! :)

Ps; is edi a freaking ZOO in here!!!

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chEEse :)

This is my love ball, the reason everything is bouncy :) my Chewiee Francis. the happiest dog on earth that smiled for the camera :D

me: say chEEEEse chewieee

chewiee: eeeeeee


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